MMC Supports the Winning Student Company and Engages in New Schools

Feb 15, 2022 – The winner of the 2021 PJI Student Company of the Year Award, State High School 34 Jakarta, is beginning preparation for their engagement in the JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Award. The enthusiastic volunteers from MMC are ready to contribute to building the competencies of these students and, at the same time, will contribute to establishing two more student business operations in Jakarta at high schools;

SMAN 3 Jakarta
SMA Islam Alam dan Sains Al-Jannah, Depok

It is hoped that the new generation of students involved in the JA Company Program will be able to replicate the success of their predecessors from Highs School 34. The team from PJI are looking forward to collaborating with MMC volunteers again in 2022 as, together, we seek to introduce and build entrepreneurial competencies amongst youth in Indonesia.

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