HSBC Indonesia and PJI Conduct the National Innovation Challenge

Apr 9, 2022 – Future leaders of Indonesia participated in the culminating event of the JA Building a Financially Capable Generation (BaFCG) project online during 9th April. Some 300 students from Jakarta high schools developed podcasts to promote important considerations of successful financial management. Judges representing the world of business, including HSBC Indonesia, were challenged with the task of selecting the best team from the final group of ten representing SMAN 30 Jakarta, SMAN 34 Jakarta, SMAN 71 Jakarta, SMAN 72 Jakarta, and SMAN 81 Jakarta. This a global initiative funded by HSBC in seventeen nations and the winner of this national competition, in addition to receiving a trophy and additional prizes, will represent Indonesia at the Global FinCap Challenge event on 31st May 2022. The top three teams selected by the judges are:

First Place: Gummy Bear from SMAN 81 Jakarta
Second Place: NSFW People from SMAN 81 Jakarta
Third Place: B’Gal (Belajar Memegang Finansial) from SMAN 71 Jakarta

On behalf of the students involved in BaFCG we thank HSBC for their great support and look forward to Indonesia’s position in the Global competition.

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