AIG Supports Entrepreneurship in Indonesian Schools

Sep 15, 2022 – Another vibrant year of AIG volunteering is underway. ‘Vibrant’ because schools are open and students are now no longer confined to their homes with the requirement of self-study due to Covid-19. The JA Company Program is active, due to AIG support, in three schools.  These are State Vocational School 20 Jakarta, State High School 1 Bogor, and Hello Motion Creative Arts High School in Tangerang. Launchings have taken place and each of these events has been attended by the enthusiastic AIG volunteers. With the acquisition of capital through the sale of shares the student led enterprises are now implementing their business plan. Student engagement enables the objectives of acquiring knowledge and self-confidence throughout the business operation, achieving a profit for themselves and shareholders, becoming the best team supported by AIG, and selected to attend the Indonesian Student Company Competition in February 2023. On behalf of all of the students involved PJI wishes to thank AIG for the opportunity to bring students together in an endeavor which combats restrictions placed on learning during the pandemic.

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