Street Code Jakarta

Nov 9, 2022 – With the support of HP PJI has been introducing 20 underserved youth from North Jakarta to coding. But this is not in any way a conventional learning program. With the help of the Kumala Foundation we have identified at risk youth and had them join us in a small classroom fashioned from a space between pillars underneath a toll road in the area of Tanjung Priok. Over a period of a month PJI worked with these youth to develop coding skills every weekend. They diligently arrived, pretty much on time, for each learning session focusing on coding – but without devices. The youths development of coding skills meant that they were able to contribute to the construction of a monster image. This was accomplished with the engagement of DarBotz – a well-known Jakarta Street Artist. With the help of the team from Edelman, an area in Block M was cordoned off and used as a staging point for the projection of the monster image on the side of a building. The students, and the Block M community, were able to watch this massive creature, projected over multiple stories, perform. The activity proved to be a great success. We started with 20 youth and still had the same 20 with us at the end. They were “blown away” by the experience and are certainly motivated to continue learning about coding.

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