Starbucks Indonesia Mobilize Volunteers to Mentor Businesses

Dec 20, 2022 – December 2022 witnessed the launching of six Starbucks-supported Student Companies, each of which has been enthusiastically supported by volunteers from branches in each of six cities. The first of these was in Surabaya in an event hosted by State High School 16 and attended by multiple representatives from the school community and 7 volunteers. This was followed by great progress exhibited by State High School 2 in Denpasar, Bali, and Karang Turi High School in Semarang, the only private school involved in Starbuck supported activities. Jakarta is also represented by State Vocational High School 27 – a school which focuses on hospitality and, therefore, very relevant for receiving support from Starbucks and their team of volunteers. Great support was evident from the volunteers in Bandung as twenty turned up is support of the company launching at State High School 11. Finally, at State High School 3 in Jogjakarta, students presented their business idea to many of their parents, in addition to volunteers. The impactful connection that these volunteers can make with the student members of our company program is proving to be very significant. They are able to do so as almost all have the ability to communicate in a ‘language’ which affords comprehension by youth who are not all that much younger than them. The results of their efforts are very evident as each business operation is well organized and products are competitive based upon comprehensive use of marketing strategies.

A competition will be held at the end of February to select the best team to compete at the Indonesian Student Company Competition scheduled for March 2023. The performance of each company will be formally assessed by senior representatives of Starbucks in Jakarta. Such is the high quality of the student run business entities this year that the PJI team are pleased that the task of selecting the best business does not fall on us – as all business ideas are great and overall performance is extremely competitive. It is going to be very difficult to pick a winner! Nevertheless, on behalf of the students, we thank Starbucks and the multiple business volunteers in each of six cities for their ongoing support.

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