YOU-BLAST Results Have Been Explosive

Mar 14, 2023 – This month sees the culmination of PJI’s two-year collaboration with Citi Foundation and Citi Indonesia for the implementation of an entrepreneurship progression initiative. Known as YOU-BLAST the program has grown small business operations in the locations of Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Bandung Raya. PJI has mobilized a range of resources to build entrepreneurship competencies amongst the young and underserved communities in both locations. Businesses have developed in a wide range of sectors including fashion, culinary, digital design, floral arrangements, and many more. The initiative began with the mobilization of 307 young business-people in both locations, all of who participated in several workshops introducing entrepreneurship as a viable means to achieve prosperity. From this original group PJI selected 150 candidates and inaugurated them into the You-Blast program. These individuals received intensive training and coaching delivered by both PJI and volunteers/mentors.  Some 102 participants completed the program and tracking of performance over the final seven months indicated that businesses generated a total of 5.3 million IDR within local communities and created 383 new employment opportunities. March has seen the celebration of success of this robust undertaking in both the cities of Bandung and Surabaya with culminating events. The later was attended by Ibu Puni A. Anjungsari who, as Country Head of Corporate Affairs Citi Indonesia, has been a champion of this entrepreneurship endeavor. On behalf of all You-Blast entrepreneurs PJI wishes to express our appreciation to both the Citi Foundation and Citi Indonesia for supporting this hugely impactful undertaking. Many young entrepreneurs have been invigorated and are benefitting from improved knowledge and understanding of business operation. This, in turn, increases a revenue stream for the family and provides an overall improved well-being.

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