JA Worldwide Ranked as a Top Ten NGO/SGO for Five Years in a Row

Jun 13, 2023 – Geneva-based thedotgood has just announced that JA Worldwide remains among the ten most impactful social-good organization in the world, moving up to the #5 spot.

Ranking the world’s most impactful NGOs began in 2012, in an effort to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the nonprofit sector. In 2021, recognizing that it was no longer possible to consider all the categories of not-for-profit organizations, NGO Advisor began paying greater tribute to the fast-growing Social Good Sphere by listing the top 200 SGOs (social good organizations). According to editor Jean-Christophe Nothias, the rankings represent “the Ivy League of the Social Good Sphere, in terms of their people-centered governance and holistic innovation and impact.”

Last year, NGO Advisor rebranded as thedotgood, with a mission to multiply opportunities for engagement and interaction in the social-good sphere and a vision of a cohesive energy that maximizes collective impact for the world. To that end, thedotgood focuses exclusively on organizations delivering a social profit and connects those who put positive impact and social profit first.

Highlighting innovation, impact, and governance in the Social Good Sphere, the rankings seek to showcase the global diversity, demonstrated impact, and scale of organizations; compare SGOs using criteria that transcend geography and field of activity; stimulate inquiry and debate about the impact, innovation, and sustainability of SGO activity; and present a wide range of exemplary SGO work so that sector-wide trends can be observed year to year and annual rankings adjusted over time. Read more about the methodology and criteria used for thedotgood’s annual rankings.

JA Worldwide is honored to be named to thedotgood World 200 SGOs for 2023, landing among the top ten for the fifth year in a row and climbing from #7 in 2019, 2020, and 2021 to #6 in 2022 and #5 this year. “We’re pleased to have JA’s essential work recognized in this way,” said JA Worldwide CEO, Asheesh Advani. “Education is the great equalizer, empowering every young person to build and participate in thriving communities. JA pioneered the hands-on, immersive, mentor-driven educational style that served youth with over 15 million student learning experiences last year. This ranking is the direct result of the work of thousands of JA staff and board members, and hundreds of thousands of teachers, schools, supporters, and volunteers who collaborate to bring our mission to life in over 100 countries.”

Read more about thedotgood and JA’s social impact.

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