BASF Young Voices for a Sustainable Future – Innovation Challenge for a Sustainable Future

Aug 10, 2023 – Prestasi Junior is most pleased to be able to partner with BASF Indonesia to promote young people’s voices in achieving a sustainable future. On the 10 August, 21 BASF volunteers (including Director, Mrs Herlin) joined student representatives from 20 schools located in the Jabotabek (Greater Jakarta) urban conglomeration. This workshop involved a preliminary address from Mrs Lailly Prihatiningtyas, Consultant for a Green Economy and Just Transition ILO Regional Office Asia Pacific, which provided a bounty of information and inspiration for the 100 students in attendance. In a presentation from the five representatives of Team Covarsi, Youth Driving Change, theory was transitioned into examples of the practical application of ideas addressing climate change. Our outstanding workshop speakers focused on developing employment relevant 21st century skills such as idea-generation and collaboration techniques. This information was delivered in support of the challenge of establishing innovative and potentially viable solutions to climate change. Young Voices for a Sustainable Future by addressing current business and community related problems and challenges caused by climate change and the transition to a sustainable economy and society. Students should feel empowered to contribute to sustainable development in their communities and to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. During the workshop students were involved in group experiments which reinforced the importance of environmental custodianship and is proving to be a great motivation for them to achieve a sustainable future.

The Indonesian students will compete to present their innovative solutions in the upcoming National Innovation Challenge, which will be held at the end of this month. One team with the best idea will receive USD2,500 and six months of intensive coaching to implement their proposed solution. Throughout the days implementation the BASF volunteers assisted students in their understanding of key considerations, building self-confidence, and seeking viable ideas which identify challenges faced by climate change and possible solutions. Working in teams, students will develop these ideas and present in front of a team of judges – the best selected to participate in a BASF supported global event involving students from Uganda, Nigeria, Greece, Chile, Vietnam, Brazil, Costa Rico, and Indonesia.

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