The Z Zurich Foundation Catalyses Success

Sep 12, 2023 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia is exceptionally proud of its collaboration with the Z Zurich Foundation and Zurich Indonesia in pursuit of instilling an entrepreneurial spirit amongst hundreds of young Indonesians in this first year of program implementation. The Zurich Entrepreneurship Program (known as ZEP) although focusing on entrepreneurship, involves other initiatives which include introducing students to the world of work via JA Job Shadow programs together with creating an improved understanding of financial management. We notice that this support is also an important catalyst for personal development amongst the engaged high school students. This development is inclusive of strengthening communication skills, building self-confidence, and working as a team to solve problems.

During early September Zurich Indonesia hosted an event involving the best school-based business operations from Medan, Surabaya, and Denpasar (Bali). Students set up their small businesses and sold products to willing customers. They also delivered a presentation and engaged in interview sessions with a team of professional businesspeople. The best performing team moves forward and represents the nation at the JA Asia Pacific event in early 2024.

A true commendation of the impact of ZEP is the high standard of participating schools and the recognition of the best student run business. Although the six teams represented schools which exhibited a range of resources it was the students from, perhaps, the most poorly resourced school which won a unanimous decision from the judges. The students from State Vocational School 5 Surabaya were the only vocational school involved in the final and became the first school from East Java to win the competition. The jury appreciated their business innovation and recognized the importance of strengthening student competencies prior to next year’s Asia Pacific event. The Z Zurich Foundation can be proud of the fact that the most underserved group of students participating in the competition won – a testament to the programs value for all young Indonesians.

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