JA SparktheDream Has Been Ignited in Jakarta

Oct 13, 2023 – Prestasi Junior was very pleased to host the final of the FWD Insurance JA SparktheDream project in the corporations downtown Jakarta headquarters on Friday 13th October. Throughout the implementation of JA SparktheDream which has been undertaken in the greater Jakarta metropolitan area some 1,598 young Indonesians, matriculating at middle school level, now have a better understanding of financial management. This understanding has been facilitated by FWD’s support of an interactive learning experience delivered collaboratively by teachers, volunteers, and PJI staff. Student teams representing seven schools participated in the final with the best two teams progressing to an Asia Pacific initiative involving students from Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. PJI wishes to thank FWD for the corporation’s tremendous support of this undertaking throughout 2023. This support is personified by the engagement of both Bapak Ade Bungsu (Director and Chief Syariah and Business Development Officer, FWD Insurance Indonesia) and Bapak Rudy Franto Manik (Chief HR and Marketing Officer, FWD Insurance Indonesia) as judges for the JA SparktheDream final event. Also in attendance at this event was Bapak Anugrah Sutejo from the Financial Services Authority, Republic of Indonesia. After student video presentations addressing financial challenges and subsequent question and answer sessions the two winning teams were selected to represent the nation at the Asia Pacific level. Students from SMP Pembangunan Jaya located in Bintaro and SMPN 154 Jakarta will progress to the next level. PJI will continue its partnership with FWD in 2024 with the plan of expanding student engagement by 33% – such was the success of this pilot Jakarta based undertaking in 2023.

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