Innovation in Jogja

Dec 11, 2023 – How can a used Starbucks cup become fragrant soap? The Sarasija company from State High School 3 Yogyakarta have come up with the answer. They are converting the waste from the Starbucks shop on Jalan Malioboro into a range of soaps with expressive fragrances. Every week the team of 25 students collect the used paper/plastic cups and, utilizing a technique endorsed by local government authorities, produce bars of ‘vikrasati soap’. The business is in its formative stages of operation however they have the vision of selling not only to consumers but also to businesses such as Yogyakarta hotels. This would ensure that they secure a partnership with Starbucks businesses ‘upstream’ through sourcing of a key bahan baku (resource input) and, after processing, also forge partnerships ‘downstream’ by selling finished products within the hospitality industry. A huge potential exists and the students from Sarasija are very excited about the opportunity. The team from Starbucks Yogyakarta, led by Santi, have been extremely supportive with 11 volunteers attending the company launching on December 9th. They joined parents and school administration to witness the comprehensive presentation conducted by the President and Vice Presidents. We wish Sarasija the very best as they continue to explore this fantastic opportunity.

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