Students of SMP Pembangunan Jaya Win the JA SparktheDream Social Challenge Asia Pacific Finals 2023

Dec 13, 2023 – FWD Insurance Indonesia and Prestasi Junior Indonesia congratulate the PJ Force Team from SMP Pembangunan Jaya for winning the JA SparktheDream Social Challenge Asia Pacific Finals 2023, a regional competition in which junior high school students were challenged to create innovative social ideas that can promote financial health and bring positive change to society. They were selected from more than 60 participating teams from across six markets across Asia, including Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In this competition, students worked in small teams to enter the challenge and create a short video highlighting a social issue they had identified in their local community, along with their proposed solutions to address it. The winning team will have the opportunity to further develop their idea with the assistance of mentors from FWD Insurance. Additionally, they were also awarded with prizes to support them in achieving their dreams.

President Director of FWD Insurance, Desy N. Widjaya said, “Through the JA SparktheDream Social Challenge, we aim to empower the younger generation to transform their dreams and innovative ideas into meaningful actions that contribute to society, particularly in the area of financial literacy. The accomplishments of Indonesian students in this regional competition are a source of pride and are expected to inspire the cultivation of sound personal financial management and promote financial inclusion within the community.”

Academic Advisor and Operations Counsel of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Robert Gardiner said, “In addition to instilling financial mindset and skills, JA SparktheDream Social Challenge also facilitates students to explore their potential, creativity, and social awareness. We believe that the financial education gained and the opportunity to compete in this challenge will serve as a foundation for students to grow into financially independent adults and responsible young leaders in the future.”

The PJ Force Team from SMP Pembangunan Jaya emerged as the first-place champions, thanks to their innovative idea, “Bijak dalam BerUang” (Wisdom in Spending), an engaging financial journal designed to educate the younger generation about responsible money management. This financial journal encompasses fundamental concepts of money management, distinguishing between needs and wants, a savings log, and a comic section offering practical financial tips. Following closely, the second-place position was secured by The Dream Team from Lac Hong Bilingual School, Vietnam, while the third-place honor went to the Wat Uthai Tharam School Team from Thailand.

The JA SparktheDream Social Challenge competition is part of the JA SparktheDream programme which equips students across Asia with the financial literacy skills and tools they need to take charge of their financial future. Launched in Indonesia in 2023, the JA SparktheDream programme has empowered over 1,500 students in the country with the ability to make smart financial decisions. Delivered by PJI facilitators and FWD volunteers, this multi-year initiative provides an enjoyable learning experience by combining engaging classroom activities, interactive online learning platforms, and at-home activities with families. By the year 2024, JA SparktheDream aims to benefit around 25,000 students and thousands more of their peers across seven markets in Asia.

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