Collaboration with Central Java Education Authorities

Feb 19, 2024 – PJI is proud to have sealed a strong partnership with the influential Balai Besar Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan (BBPMP) from the province of Central Java. This body overseas the implementation of quality education initiatives across the province inclusive of teaching and education resources. Pribadi Setiyanto, Ketua Dewan Pengurus, at Prestasi Junior Indonesia, and Nugraheni Triastuti, the Head of BBPMP for the province, signed an agreement to work together to support technical implementation and maintain education quality assurance within a network of Kabupaten (Counties). This will enable PJI to grow beneficiary numbers in Central Java schools via the training of master teachers in readiness, for example, to teach the Cha-Ching Curriculum. Towards the end of February PJI will train teachers identified by BBPMP and support their contribution to the expansion of innovative learning programs in the province. Possibilities exist for the expansion of this partnership into additional provinces in Indonesia.

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