MMC Volunteer Expertise Makes a Difference

May 12, 2017 – The grade twelve students at State Vocational School 38 Jakarta participated in a JA Career Success Day together with 31 volunteers from the MMC offices in the city. The timing of the soft skills training could not have been better as students had finished exams and are scheduled to enter the workforce next month. Therefore, learning about Job Interview skills, resume writing, and communication/collaboration was extremely pertinent to the situation students are now finding themselves in. According to Ibu Siti, the Head of School, of the 116 students involved ten had so far secured good employment. The value of this volunteer engagement is extremely high and, over a period of almost five hours’ students enthusiastically participated in a variety of activities in small groups with the support of MMC mentors.

The students, many coming from the inner city low income area of Tanah Abang, experienced learning activities which were very new to them but which were of great benefit at a time when each individual school leaver begins to prepare for the workforce. Thank you, so much, MMC volunteers – your engagement and enthusiastic commitment in a room with 116, without air conditioning, for close to five hours was truly exceptional.

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