Vocational Students Learn Careers through Job Shadowing with AIG Indonesia

Apr 10, 2018 – Students from SMKN 6 Jakarta, SMKN 27 Jakarta and SMK Bina Informatika South Tangerang participated in a work readiness program known as JA Job Shadow at PT AIG Insurance Indonesia office on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. This activity is included within a series of partnership programs between AIG Indonesia and Prestasi Junior Indonesia which focus on developing the skills of Indonesian students and introducing them to the world of work.

A group of 18 students from three vocational high schools visited the workplace of AIG Indonesia team to take a close look at the professional working environment and know the ins and outs of employment within the industry. They met and discussed directly with AIG Indonesia’s senior managers, including Department Heads and the President Director, learning how a division works in developing and implementing corporate management strategies. The students gained insight into how to determine the right career for themselves and to manage it in the long term.

“Working environment in a company moves dynamically in line with the rapid technological advancement and work competition. Employers will continue to improve the qualifications of job applicants and be very selective in determining the right candidate. Vocational students, who will soon be working, need to be equipped with intellectual ability, job skills and professional values. Thus, they can be better prepared for the competition. We appreciate the support of business professionals from AIG Indonesia who share the learning in this Job Shadowing program,” said Robert Gardiner, Management Advisor of Prestasi Junior Indonesia.

President Director of PT AIG Insurance Indonesia, Robert Logie, said, “Giving opportunities, improving skills and developing young people of Indonesia to become leaders and young professionals in the future, is one of our commitments to the community where we are. We are very pleased to partner with PJI and have an opportunity to meet with these students who are very enthusiatic to learn more about career and the skills required.”

Students participating in the program also gain an understanding of the education and skills needed in the workplace. “In the company, we will work in a team and will always be in touch with many people. This makes me have to be able to communicate and interact well. When working, we must be disciplined, such as not coming late to the office. I am very happy to learn and have an experience about careers in this activity, “said Marisa Leviani, 10th grader SMKN 27 Jakarta who became one of the participants.

At the end of the event, the students also received additional JA Personal Finance lessons. Through this session, they understood the importance of financial management. As part of financial management, they learn to make personal budgeting and create spending groups, such as savings, tuition fees, and unexpected expenses. Last, they are also introduced to various types of insurance as a financial tool for risk mitigation.

The partnership of Prestasi Junior Indonesia and AIG Indonesia has now entered the fourth year with a commitment to support work readiness and financial literacy education for the young generation of Indonesia. This students benefitting from this engagement are extremely happy to have had an opportunity to meet and learn from senior management. Given the busy schedules of these business professionals it is terrific that they find the time to support learning of young Indonesians. Thank you AIG.

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