The Hewlett Packard Team Get Their Hands Dirty

Aug 7, 2018 – A poorly resourced elementary school located in Serang, approx. one hour from Jakarta, had a special visit from over 100 volunteers from the Hewlett Packard Jakarta Office. These volunteers were at the school to work, but not as part of their normal business. Led by their President Director, David Tan, they were at the school to spend six hours each improving the education environment for students by painting and renovating the classrooms and setting up a computer room. The corporation also donated ten brand new computers and two printers to the school. The school Principal arranged for the local education authorities to set up an internet access and now the institution is the pride of Serang! The previous week ten volunteers from Hewlett Packard also visited the school and taught students, from each grade level, the JA Worldwide elementary school programs. Thanks to the support from Hewlett Packard and the corporations enthusiastic volunteers students (and Teacher) are now able to learn in a very pleasing environment and use modern technology to enhance their learning.

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