HPE Volunteers Assist Students for Entry in the World of Work

Nov 16, 2018 – Grade 12 students not only face the daunting experience of National exams in 2019 but they also face the prospect of attending Universities, engaging in training, or finding good work after graduation. Vocational school students are often required to seek employment directly after leaving school and, as so many are attempting to do so, competition to secure placement in a job with good prospects is intense.

In November 2018, some 28 volunteers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise enthusiastically sought to address this issue in one lucky Jakarta vocational school. Grade 12 students at State Vocational School 6 (SMKN 6) in South Jakarta welcomed HPE volunteers onto the campus for a morning of intensive focus on recognising and improving each students personal brand. This included participation in mock interviews and drafting their own c.v’s. During the sessions 41 students were divided into 10 groups with each of these groups attended to by 2 – 4 volunteers. The volunteers – direct from the world of business – provided relevant information for these 17-18 year olds who will be facing the task of finding work within six months. Volunteers called upon their own experiences and transferred knowledge in a most supportive manner acting as excellent role models for these 41 young Indonesians. In doing so the volunteers not only provided important knowledge in preparation for seeking employment but they also were great motivators. There was no doubt that students, after participating in this learning experience with HPE personnel, are considerably more confident as they go about preparing for securing employment. This confidence is enabled through their interaction with HPE volunteers. There are many more schools like SMKN 6 in Jakarta and all of them would be very happy to host HPE volunteers in the future.

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