The Tightest Result Ever in Bandung

Jul 6, 2019 – The Bandung Regional Student Company Competition held on Saturday, 6 July was the most competitive ever held in the region. All five teams performed admirably however the companies from State High School 10 Bandung and State High School 1 Cisarua rose to the occasion and provided excellent presentations and innovative products. The six judges spent a significant period deliberating to select the winner and eventually selected the enthusiastic students from High School 10. The judges believed that the more innovative nature of the product and its applicability to improve the welfare of young people through engagement in education within classrooms was commendable. Kudos must go to the Cisarua students who consistently perform to a very high standard having achieved national success in 2017.

We were most happy to involve six experienced business and academic personnel as judges this year two of whom represent Citi Indonesia. In fact, Citi have supported this initiative in Bandung for five years and, as a result of this support, young people from multiple schools are prepared to begin their own businesses upon graduation.

It is now up to the HOW company from High School 10 to represent the region at the national competition in Jakarta on 10th August. Over the next month they have the chance to improve all aspects of their business operation and refine their product.

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