WhatsApp Generate Recognition of Small Business Operations

Aug 4, 2020 – As part of a very unique collaboration Prestasi Junior Indonesia is working together with WhatsApp to improve the visibility of selected small business operations run by our alumni. In addition to setting up an on-line business catalogue WhatsApp have provided support for the dissemination of business products to 35 Indonesian on-line influencers. Utilizing the support of Maverick PR we have sent these products, in one package, to each of the influencers. In these packages we have provided five products:

Coffee from the remote Eastern location of Wamena
Custom made T-shirts and face masks
Eco-friendly binders
Fried onion flakes from Sulawesi

This diverse selection is representative of a range of products produced by alumni across the nation. WhatsApp’s innovative support enables these business operations, in addition to many others emanating from JA Worldwide initiatives, to secure an improved recognition as a result of featuring in on-line business catalogues. Securing the interest of influencers is an important step in creating brand visibility in these challenging times. In so doing, we believe that business will benefit from this improved visibility. Our task will now be to track the response of these influencers to the package of products they have each received. We will keep you posted as to the impact this initiative has on the operations of each of the businesses.

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