QNB Volunteers Support the Improvement of Students’ Financial Literacy

Nov 18, 2020 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to continue its collaboration with Bank QNB Indonesia to implement the financial literacy education for youth. In its third year of partnership, a total of 61 students from SMAN 11 Bandung participated in an online financial literacy class utilizing the JA Personal Finance curriculum.

Delivered by 16 eager QNB personnel, students understood the importance of budgeting and how to plan best for meeting the requirements of a budget. They learnt to consider the wide range of expenditures that might make up a monthly budget. Organized into groups and placed within Zoom breakout rooms, students learnt the concept of budgeting through the Balance, Breakeven, or Broke games. Through this engaging game students were able to understand how the choices they make directly affect their ability to save money. By doing so, they realized that setting a budget regularly will help them make wise financial decisions. At the end of the activity, students also identified various investment products and planned for their future investment strategies.

With a better understanding of finance, these young students are now motivated to start managing their own money in a considered manner. This will engender positive habits and encourage them to make the right financial decisions and achieve financial well-being in the future.

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